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Tartan Snuffle Mat, Size Medium 30cm x 40cm

Tartan Snuffle Mat, Size Medium 30cm x 40cm

Supplied locally for us, these Snuffle Mats are very well made and durable, using soft fleecy material and rubber backing.

Created as one of the original enrichment activities, they offer your dog the chance to search through the soft fibres, sniffing for treats and goodies.

  • Whats good about sniffing?

    Sniffing is a natural behaviour and is known to help calm dogs, often meaning they will make better and calmer decisions afterwards, or even fall asleep because they are so relaxed!

  • Recomendations

    Some great treats to choose for hiding amongst the fibres of the snuffle mat, are any of our treat cubes (Lamb, Insect, etc), or how about some Award Winning JRs Pure Pate? This can be easily diced very small so it goes further, whilst retaining its shape and freshness, staying nice and smelly for your dog to enjoy!

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