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Medium Dog MEGA Natural Treat Box

Medium Dog MEGA Natural Treat Box

Our MEGA Natural Treat Box for medium sized dogs is jam packed full of nutritious and natural treats we think your dog will love!

Good for teeth, muscles, joints, skin, coat, and overall vibrant health.

No hidden nasties.

  • Contents

    2 Large Venison Sausage Sticks

    1 Medium Himalayan Yak Milk Bar

    1 Furry Rabbit Ear

    2 Large Black Pudding Sausage Sticks

    1 Medium Hairy Cows Ear

    1 Hairy Lambs Ear

    1 Pigs Ear

    2 Pigs Ear Strips

    1 Medium Buffalo Horn

    1 Gourmet Salmon Pate 200g

    1 Sprats Taster

    1 Medium Fish Skin Cube

    2 Beef & Garlic Bangers

    2 Chicken Bangers

    1 Puffed/White Oxtail

    1 Puffed/White Chicken foot

    1 Natural Chicken foot

    1 pack Gourmet Liver Moist Sausage

    1 Beef Paddywack

    2 Lamb Paddywack

    1 Turkey Wing

    1 Goose Wing

  • Other info

    *Substitutions may occur if items are out of stock.

    *Please let us know if your dog cannot have certain proteins and we will do our best to substitute for similar items.

    *Packaging may vary.

    *Supervision recomended, always have drinking water available.

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