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JR Pure Pate 400g

JR Pure Pate 400g

The Award Winning Pure Range, 400g

*Slice it - Dice it - Cube it - Cut it - Stuff it - Spread it - Sprinkle it

*Made from 100% fresh meat/fish... That's it! A complete & complimentary food for dogs. Delicious, tasty & natural. JR Pure Pate is not only healthy but totally irresistible too.

*Single Source protein - No Offal

*Unique firm pate like texture ideal for stuffing kongs/toys but firm enough to cube and use as training treats

*Perfect as a topper for kibble or raw fed

*No additives, preservatives, grain free & gluten free

*Can be Frozen

*Choose from Salmon, Beef, Lamb, Duck, Turkey, Chicken, and now Venison too!

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