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Dorwest Skin Balm 50ml

Dorwest Skin Balm 50ml

Dorwest Skin Balm, 50ml.

With lavender, rose, geranium and mandarin oils blended with natural beeswax and nourishing shea butter, our Skin Balm is the ultimate skin treat for your pet.

*Super calming, moisturising and hydrating.

*Skin repair properties means it is deal for minor cuts and grazes.

*Great for skin irritation or dryness.

*Can be used daily.

*Perfect for nose folds in Frenchies, English Bulldogs, Pugs and Shar Pei’s, where skin fold dermatitis can develop, causing irritatation and pain, if it becomes cracked or is too humid.

*An essential for your doggy 1st aid box.

Suitable for dogs of all ages.

  • Ingredients

    Dorwest Skin Balm includes a super soothing infusion of herbs in sunflower and jojoba oils that work together to nourish the skin:

    *Comfrey – moisturising, helps to stimulate cell growth and maintain skin elasticity. Ideal for small scrapes and bruises.

    *Calendula – has softening properties, aids skin repair and helps to calm irritation. Perfect for sore, itchy skin.

    *Chamomile – super calming for sensitive skin.

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