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Dorwest Shampoo Bar, Natural & Naked

Dorwest Shampoo Bar, Natural & Naked

Natural & Naked Shampoo Bar by Dorwest.

*Ideal for sensitive skin or those with allergies

*No essential oils, so is perfect for puppies *Contains calendula oil, and a base of shea butter and coconut, sunflower, castor and sweet almond oils, it is highly moisturising and nourishing for flake-free, healthy skin.

  • Active ingredients

    *Calendula oil is the main active ingredient. Well known for its soothing properties, calendula supports coat growth, hydrates dry and damaged skin, and maintains normal skin cell turnover.

  • How to care for Your Bar

    *After use, pop your bar on a soap dish or rack so it can fully dry (gaps to allow airflow help speed this up)

    *Once dry, you can put your bar back in the box, ready for the next bath time!

    *Remember - fully drying your bar is important to reduce tackiness - if your shampoo bar does become tacky a quick rinse before use can help

  • Directions for use

    *Brush your dog before washing (particularly long-coated breeds).

    *Wet the shampoo bar and your dogs coat.

    *Massage the bar through the coat until you have a good lather.

    *Pop the bar to one side and continue to massage for a deep clean.

    *Rinse the coat thoroughly.

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