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Dorwest BrainCopa 100 tablets

Dorwest BrainCopa 100 tablets

For Dogs and for Cats, BrainCopa naturally supports senior pets to help maintain mental agility, enabling them to better cope with the changes associated with ageing, such as disorientation, restlessness, altered behaviour and sleep, and house-soiling.

BrainCopas unique, powerful formulation promotes normal brain and mental function, which can be especially useful in older pets experiencing cognitive decline. With a range of scientifically proven natural ingredients, including DHA powder and bacopa, BrainCopa provides targeted multi-action support, giving you and them peace of mind.

Contains a unique and powerful blend of natural active compounds, drawing on scientific research and traditional medicine, to provide targeted multi-action support for normal brain and cognitive function

  • Easy to give

    Can be given whole, or as a crushed tablet

  • Active Ingredients

    *DHA (algae source) 10mg

    *Bacopa monnieri 500mg

    *Lemon balm 40mg

    *Ginkgo biloba 10mg

    *Vitamin E 5mg

  • DHA Powder

    DHA powder - Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is an omega-3 fatty acid which is vital for brain development and ongoing brain function. It has been shown to support cognitive function in older dogs and is well-tolerated and readily absorbed.1 Our DHA powder is sourced from algae, so is super sustainable.

  • Bacopa Monnieri

    Long used in Ayurvedic medicine as a `brain tonic`, Bacopa is a powerful antioxidant which supports the central nervous system, memory and cognitive function.2 It can also help maintain a normal inflammatory state in the brain

  • Lemon Balm

    A calming herb, traditionally used to aid those with sleep disturbances. It helps to support mental wellbeing and has also been found to promote optimal cognitive function

  • Gingko Biloba

    Used in traditional Chinese medicine, and rich in anti-oxidants this herb has been found to improve the quality of life of older dogs. It has been shown to minimise the impact of disorientation, and sleep and behavioural changes, with 79% of dogs showing a good response

  • Vitamin E

    Recognised as a powerful antioxidant, Vitamin E helps support optimal memory and aids DHA uptake in the brain

  • Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CCD)

    While cognitive decline occurs in all pets as they age, the decline will be accelerated in some. This is often termed canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CCD), or ‘doggy dementia’, and is surprisingly common - thought to affect nearly 1 in 3 dogs over the age of 11

  • The signs of cognitive decline, include:-

    *Memory loss (forgetting commands)

    *Restlessness and agitation (pacing)

    *Disorientation and confusion


    *Altered behaviour (possible aggression)

    *Altered sleep patterns

    *Increased barking

    *Change in appetite

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