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Deer Antler Chew

Deer Antler Chew

Deer Antlers are a great choice for keeping your dog busy, having fun whilst practising a natural behaviour, & also saving your furniture!

Sustainably sourced, naturally shed Antlers from the Scottish Highlands.

Our Antlers are a natural source of Calcium, Phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, & chondroitin, and contain no chemicals wotsoever.

They support bone and joint health, and help to reduce plaque and tartar on your dogs teeth.

Available in various types & sizes.

From Hard Antlers for extreme chewers, all the way to softer ones that are even suitable for puppies.

Which Antler should you pick?

  • Split Red Deer Antler

    The softest Antler of them all, easier to chew, and even suitable for puppies!

    Choose from:-

    Small. 30-40g

    Medium 41-60g

    Large 61-90g

    EXtra Large 91-120g

    EXtra EXtra Large. 121-200g

    Super EXtra Large 201-350g

  • Fallow Deer Antler

    Medium to Soft, great for older puppies and softer chewers!

    Choose below, from:-

    Small 40-75g

    Medium 75-150g

    Large 150g-220g

  • Red Deer Antler

    Medium to Hard, A Long Lasting Antler, will last longer than Split Red Deer Antlers

    Choose from:-

    Small 40-70g

    Medium 71-100g

    Large 101-150g

    EXtra Large 201-300g

    Super EXtra Large 350-450g

  • Elk Antler

    Elk Antlers have the Hardest Marrow, and will last the longest of any Antler available.

    Choose from:-

    Small. 40-70g

    Medium 70-120g

    Large 120-180g

    Extra Large 180-220g

  • Other info

    Please note:- Due to this being a natural product, the photos shown are examples only, actual size and appearance may vary from one Antler to another

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