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Bully Billows 5cm Combat Collar, Pink, Size XL, With Handle & Rated Clip

Bully Billows 5cm Combat Collar, Pink, Size XL, With Handle & Rated Clip

Size X Large, 22"-29"/56-73cm

Approved by world renowned Protection Dogs Worldwide.

The original BullyBillows 5cm Combat Collar is the first collar of it's kind to be curated in the world. This collar is equipped with triple-stitched nylon, a secure 6mm width Stainless Steel D Loop and a specially crafted bespoke clip for quick release and lock.

Bully Billows clips have been through an extensive pressure testing phase which will give you peace of mind when walking your furry friend. The clip must be opened by pressing both levers on each side at the same time to eradicate the clip opening when not intended to (for added security).

For ultimate control and peace of mind, it also has a double-stitched handle which is perfect in emergency situations. The internal layer of the collar is lined with Neoprene, which is odourless, water resistant and comfortable to worn all day to avoid your dogs fur being rubbed which can occur with other branded collars.

This collar can easily be adjusted in size simply by threading the nylon through the metal adjuster to extend or shorten the size.

This collar is suitable for daily use on any breed and used also used profoundly with professional dog handlers, police dogs, military and security dogs.

  • Specifications

    Width 5cm

    Length/Neck Size 22-29"/56-73cm

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